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We offer an alternative to assisted living.

Your loved one may need extra help at home, but they might not require the full-time care of an assisted living facility. If you have been wrestling with this difficult and emotional decision, we encourage you to turn to us at Yellow Butterfly Home Care.

Assisted Living in Advance, North Carolina

We are a home help services provider for the elderly living in the Advance, North Carolina area. We know that your loved one would prefer to live in their own home for as long as possible instead of moving to an assisted living facility. Our team is here to offer the care your loved one needs to age in place safely, happily, and with dignity.

Some of the services we provide include companion services and personal care services. Under our companion services umbrella, we can check in on your loved one regularly, help them with meal prep, provide medication reminders, and ensure they are doing well at home. Under our personal care services umbrella, we can get more involved with your loved one’s care. We can help with bathing, feeding, health monitoring, and other care needs. Our team can also support your loved one by running errands, assisting with laundry, and taking care of other tasks around the house as needed.

Our caregivers are highly qualified, experienced, and compassionate. They are here to form relationships with the seniors they work with, helping our clients feel safe and comfortable while maintaining their independence. To learn more about our services and why you should consider them over assisted living, reach out to us today.

At Yellow Butterfly Home Care, we proudly offer assisted living services in Mocksville, Hamptonville, Cooleemee, East Bend, Winston-Salem, Pfafftown, Lewisville, Boonville, Clemmons, and Advance, North Carolina.


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